Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Harvster turns 27!

Harv enjoys a molasses ball.
Born in 1987, Harv is the Sean Connery of the equine world -- Looking Great Harv! He is doing so well -- the new barn agrees with him and some of the minor ailments of age have improved or gone away.

 We will be celebrating Harv's birthday on Saturday. I'll likely scale back this year on the carrot cake. Only four horses/boarders at Harv's barn, and Riley's barn is a crew of "healthy eaters."

I wanted to point out Harv's birthday gift -- a "head bumper" at the top of his stall. I ordered from an athletic manufacturer -- not expensive and doing the job of protecting his noggin!


  1. Happy birthday Harv!! :)

  2. He does look good!! Happy almost birthday, Harv.
    I love your head bumper. It looks great and must feel good too.

  3. Harv looks amazing!
    Happy Birthday you handsome boy!

  4. I would have never of guessed that he is 27!!!! Happy Birthday Harv!


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