Monday, May 26, 2014

April Two Horse Tack giveaway: Winner announced!

The April Two Horse Tack giveaway winner (bitless bridle) is Gaia, a two-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse filly. She was hand-raised by her owner Susan. Gaia had several complications at foaling. She was a dystocia foal. Her dam suffered a fractured pelvis and later rejected her. Gaia was a resourceful orphan. She didn't have to be bottle fed but drank her milk replacer right out of a tupperware container!

Since she is only 2 they do not have any immediate plans on riding her. They are going to start ground driving and the bitless bridle should help with that! Susan would like to show her and do lots of trail riding. She describes Gaia as a pocket pony who loves people. She ought to excel at anything she does...

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