Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Noble Outfitters Givewaway!

I love Noble Outfitters clothing, and at Rolex I saw shoppers and competitors in their clothing. I'm fond of this Lil' Lover top, which I have in gray and lime. The draped back is awesome!

Noble Outfitters has sent me a gorgeous black version of this top for a giveaway, in size Medium which fits an 8-10.  Photos are below. To win, leave a comment on what you like to wear at the barn on hot-hot days, and give me a way to reach you.



  1. Thankfully we don't have too many REALLY hot days; when we do, I wear tank tops.
    mmcmillen AT macnet DOT com

  2. I just like to wear a light colored tshirt or simple tank top when it's really hot out. I'm a fair weather rider, so if it's too hot or buggy, I won't ride.

  3. Barnwear on hot summer days.. I had it drilled into me growing up not to wear tank tops in case of a fall, but now that I'm riding in 90-degree weather for conditioning purposes, I'm finally starting to lose that rule. Lately I've been riding in lightweight breeches and a sporting-type tank top with LOTS of sunscreen!
    The Noble Outfitters top looks great, and I'd love to add that to my list of hot-riding-day options.

  4. I saw this exact top this weekend in the Antares dealer's mobile trailer. Unfortunately I was there when he was packing up so I didn't get to investigate further but I was intrigued. Normally I wear tank tops during the summer to ride in anyway, a tech fabric one seems like it would be even better.

  5. I have to figure out what to wear on super hot days this year since the first day of hot weather riding didn't go so well! I got off my horse and just sat down on the ground next to him before I passed out. Luckily some nice barn people got me some ice water and took my horse for a walk. This has never happened to me before, so time to come up with a strategy and maybe a new summer wardrobe to survive the coming hot weather!
    Would be nice to get a head start on that with this tank top :)

  6. So, deep South, where we battle heat compounded by humidity and bugs. I still like to be as bare as possible with my thinnest breeches. I'm not one of those crazy kids cantering around bareback in a bikini, but I particularly like running tank tops (Adidas, New Balance, etc) or cheap cotton tank tops. Oh, and flowy yoga tops are awesome, too. As soon as I'm away from the hooves, I lose the boots and socks, roll up the sweat-laden breeches bottoms and put on my Teva sandles. Email at RCColeman10@gmail.com

  7. I just switched to fleece stirrup leather covers so that I can ride in shorts on hot days without rubbing my legs raw (South Texas, eeek!). Of course, this strategy is reserved for slow trail rides. I still have to go to breeches and boots for faster rides. By the way, love your blog.

  8. Well what i'd LIKE to wear at the barn on hot hot days is my birthday suit because the humidity here in Tennessee makes your clothes stick to you. However, apparently thats not appropriate and I would guess that dust and horse hair would get in some uncomfortable places, so I refrain. If I'm riding I wear thin breeches and a tank top, if not riding I wear running shorts instead of breeches. If you've never had to go for a swim in the water trough, you've never experienced a hot day at the barn ;)

  9. I wear shorts and tank tops on hot days when it is too hot to ride. patsland@att.net

  10. I like tech fabric tanks like I wear for running. I tend not to ride when it's terribly hot though.....not fun for me or my horse! - Jen

    Jennifer and Eric 07 AT yahoo DOT com. (Take out the spaces)

  11. In the really hot summer, I got for those wicking/UV protecting type of tops, in tank tops preferably! I have some really light weight riding tights that I like too.

    I get burnt pretty easy though, so I'm also sporting a layer (or 5) of sunscreen.



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