Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Pony Up KY bag!

Here is my PonyUp Kentucky bag! I blogged about these bags when I found them at Rolex -- see my post Rolex Find: Pony Up bags for more info. 

The round tag says "I love horse rescues" and the brass plate on the halter leather strap has my name.  This particular bag is a gorgeous leather-like material with an orange/amber sheen. I asked for a long strap but the normal straps would be more like a typical handbag (see the web site).  There are also smaller versions of this bag and bags in other styles.< I have my eye on several other bags (which are interchangeable with the strap). I love floral, but also the traditional hunt scenes, and then there is this dressage-themed fabric, and.... Sometimes choices overwhelm me.



  1. Ooh, you got one! I have been thinking about a Pony-Up for ages but haven't done it yet. They are so quintessentially equestrian, with the neat genuine halter strap goods. Congratulations!


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