Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blue is back! Noble Outfitters super summer top

When I got my first Noble Outfitters 'Lil Lover tank shirt, I got grey because they were out of blue. I loved the grey shirt but I really loved the block color in the blue. So when I heard the blue was back in stock, I jumped on it! Here I am on June 29, after riding two horses and finishing a 30 mile bike ride on the Upper Saucon Trail in Hellertown PA. I'll restate my earlier love for this shirt -- it is the most flattering tank I have ever worn, and it is comfortable and looks super untucked-in. At $23, it does not break the bank either.


  1. That top's perfect condition makes it look as if you've not exerted yourself at all. I can see why you like these tanks. Must see if they can be found in Canada!


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