Thursday, July 3, 2014

Diva night at Tuesday night dressage

The Painted One went to his second dressage show, the Bucks County Horse Park Tuesday Evening Dressage. Look at the button braids--my first attempt. I had a Diva moment in the braiding process. Someone came by with horse treats and TPO started waggling his head during a critical moment of setting the braid. I had a moment of Diva Histrionics. I'm not proud of it.

The show itself went well. The owner suggested lungeing TPO which was a good decision. He was much calmer, and in the warmup he felt every bit as composed as he does at home. As we made our way to the ring, there were a few things that got him ramped up -- normal horse show stuff, but there were some trail riders in the distance that inexplicably set him off.

That was Diva Moment #2. TPO was a cow pony one minute, and suddenly I felt like I was sitting on a tuning fork! He was rigid with fear and really felt like he could have bolted, and there were lots of folks pretty close that seemed unaware of my panicky horse. It was moments before the first test so I didn't want to dismount.

"I need some help here!" I yelled. The owner came and held him. Once we figured out what he was reacting to (trail riders in the distance), at least I stopped having a meltdown. I pointed TPO away from the riders and he calmed down nicely.

Tests forthcoming on video!


  1. The braids look great! Bucks has got to be one of the worst shows for atmosphere, no matter what you're there for.

  2. I know that "tuning fork" feeling. Never any fun.

  3. Pretty sure real divas pay someone else to do the braids! They look great, amazing for your first time.

    I'm having so much fun following the Painted Pony saga. I had years riding dressage on an appaloosa. Some judges loved it, some were prejudiced, but at least we were never just another face in the crowd.


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