Monday, September 29, 2014

Vintage napkin rings

Vintage napkin rings from the House of Seance, $90. I've never lived in a house that used napkin rings, but for someone who entertains these are delightful!


  1. I love stuff like this, but no one that comes to our house for dinner would appreciate a $90 napkin ring!

  2. Napkin rings are used in casual dining situation. For family or close friends who are staying over. You use them for used napkins. In the morning you have breakfast with these folk and they put their napkin in the ring at their plate. Then you the same napkin for lunch and repeat the process at dinner. Some folks put the fresh napkin out at dinner instead of breakfast. But in no way would napkin rings be used in formal situations. Lots of family each person choses the napkin ring that suits them. Hunting horses, silver fish, halved shells. It's how you tell who gets which napkin.

  3. Those are spectacular. My sister-in-law does horse massage and has owned and rode horses her entire life AND she loves vintage like me. We both swing dance and I write fictional stories about swing dancers, not to mention my ghost story collection. She's not much of a dinner entertainer, though. Hmmmm, my mind is swirling with ideas of what else they could be used for....

    ~ Tam Francis ~


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