Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DAD 1: Heather Blitz and Paragon, Grand Prix test, Friday, 2014

I have quite a bit of footage from Dressage at Devon. Friday I saw Heather Blitz and Paragon!

Remember on Jaws when Roy Scheider said, "We're gonna need a bigger boat"? I look at Paragon, and think "He's gonna need a bigger ring." Love him.


  1. Adorable... We were there and saw it too!

  2. While he is a good looking guy, it really bugs me how so many modern dressage horses have this big flashy front end and then their back ends seem to just come along because it is attached... Also, is her coat grey? Love it!

    1. Hi Dragon, I agree -- and did you notice the last extended trot, how the hind legs swung? I don't know what this means but it looked like lack of strength. Her coat is a kind of khaki with a magenta collar....

  3. Saw Hilda Gurney riding Wintersnow at GP at the California Dressage Championships last weekend. Her coat is magenta. She refers to horses that go with the extravagant front end and minimal backend as "Tennesee Walkers doing dressage." They are gorgeous together, though, Heather and Paragon.

  4. I'm fairly certain Heather rode with a broken leg.
    For that, I'm willing to say Paragon focused on her more than perfection.


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