Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DAD 2: Portmonteau and Korin Rinaldo, Intermediaire II, 2014

Thoroughbred-Percheron cross Portmonteau was one of the non-warmblood competitors at Dressage at Devon. Here he is, with rider Korin Rinaldo, at Intermediaire II. He's a stallion! I thought his piaffe looked wonderful -- what a solid guy. It was such a treat to see them go, and they placed well (second place in this class, I think).


  1. What a good boy! Thank you for sharing. I love watching the draft crosses do a nice test. Speaking of non-WBs at DAD, did you see the Hackney do PSG on Friday? Most. Fun. Pirouette. EVER!!!

  2. Percheron /TB cross is a Warmblood and can be registered in The American Sport Horse Registry and The American Warmblood Society

  3. I know they can be registered -- not sure if this one is -- but I think the jury is out as to whether they are a warmblood -- depends on your definition I guess...

  4. From Chronicleforums, Mystic Oak Ranch breeder posted this: MysticOakRanch
    Jan. 3, 2013, 10:16 AM
    First of all "warmblood" and "Warmblood" are two different designations. Lower case "warmblood" or "warmblood type" simply means something that is not a hotblood (Tbred or Arabian) or coldblood (draft). Upper case Warmblood has come to mean a purpose bred horse that is included in one of the Warmblood registries. Depending on your own personal opinion, that might mean only a European Warmblood Registry (aka Hanoverian, KWPN, Holsteiner, GOV, RPSI, Trakehner, etc), or it might include the North American Warmblood Registries - AWS, AWR, CWB, Old NA. There are a few less well known registries, especially in Eastern Europe - a trainer I know has a "Russian Warmblood" of unknown lineage and a friend has a Croation Warmblood which is at least part Lippizan!

    The European registries have a longer history of refining their cross breeding process, so we see the modern Warmblood - but if you go back 80 or 100 years to look the prior generations of their purpose bred horses, they look like Drafts (agricultural horses) and hotbloods - hence the original designation, Warmblood. So European registries are carefully bred, multi-generation "mutts" refining through those generations for sport; while the North American registries are still a few generations behind in some of their cross breeding, although they are borrowing from Euro bloodlines to "kick start" their programs.

    However - if you really look at the registries, the North American registries are modeled very much after the Euro model. They have inspections for quality control, they have varying studbooks to indicate whether bloodlines follow the ideal Euro model or something different, and they award horses based on their potential for SPORT - dressage and jumping.

    So, the answer is complex, and depends on who you talk to. I do register with AWS - they have some high quality horses in the registry, and of course, some that are not as nice - but you can say that about ANY registry. I wouldn't assume a horse is a "dog" based on its registration - always look at the individual horse, not the registry.

  5. I know this pair :) They are from a farm in Indiana - Forrest Hill Farm and Portmonteau is home bred!

  6. I agree, the North American bred Warmblood is several generations behind the European Bred Warmbloods, but we have the quality control in place and I believe we can breed equally nice horses on our continent. A good horse is a good horse no matter where it is from.

    I am by no means a expert, but I believe that many of the European Warmbloods are cross registered with other registries, meaning that they meet those standards and have been accepted. And that some non Warmbloods have also been accepted. I believe Ideal, the Arabian was one. But then again, I am not a expert. Just a admirer.
    Thank-you for having a nice informative blog
    Carol, admires from afar.

  7. Stacey, interesting tidbit as well. This horse's farm, mentioned by Kelly above, is actually located in Lafayette IN. I know you used to board at Foxton Farm, as this is local to there! Neat link! :)


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