Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Equus Couture -- the bracelet giveaway is here!

At only $35-45 each, these are very reasonably priced.
You may have seen my earlier post about Equus Couture, a browband and leather goods booth at Devon. I bought four bracelets, one for a gift, one for the blog giveaway, and two for me. But  on Saturday night at Devon, I ran into the would-be recipient of the gift bracelet--she was already wearing one!

I'm only giving away one bracelet (sorry), but I can't decide which to keep. So when you sign up for the giveaway, please indicate which one you want.   Sign up here to win one of the bracelets.

Note that the lower stone is not off center -- I just have the bracelet slightly turned in the bottom photo...


  1. I would choose the top one – as a gift for someone.

  2. They are both so pretty! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! You're awesome!

  3. Just realized I have their spur straps - and the quality is awesome, great company :)

  4. I would pick the top one, but they are both gorgeous!

  5. Oh, my! Gorgeous!! You ARE awesome for presenting this giveaway.

  6. Oh, my! Gorgeous!! You ARE awesome for presenting this giveaway. Thank you!


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