Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Equus Couture browbands: Giveaway alert!

Owner/proprietor Tiffany
At Dressage at Devon, my favorite shopping booth was a browband and leatherwork vendor, Equus Couture. I must have spend an hour perusing at the halters, browbands, bracelets, and stock pins. My credit card got a workout, and I bought an Equus Couture item for an upcoming giveaway. You don't want to miss this one. Tomorrow.

Browbands of distinction
I've just started making browbands--and I think mine are decent-- but these are the browbands of my dreams. The painstaking detail, the vintage materials, the whimsical designs, and the luminosity of these browbands are an aesthetic that really resonates. Tiffany, the proprietor, is an artist is shown right and she is super-nice and open to custom work
A few things she told me as we chatted:
  • Most of the designs are made from vintage gems an other filigree pieces.
  • Each piece, whether a browband, halter, or something else, is totally unique. 
  • The leather is of high quality and comes in padded, unpadded, brown, black, straight, and V-shaped. The style is just slightly different from other browbands -- but not in a way that will be noticed in the show ring. 

Here are some more photos, click to enlarge and see the detail.


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