Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Horze Bell Boots: The Riley experience

The Centaur bell boots that I had been using all summer were not that great for winter use -- they get hard as a rock when cold! I was eager to try these Horze reflective bell boots in orange with reflective tape. They are soft and dense, as I mentioned in the last post. 

Out Riley went in his nice boots...
He's worn them 3-4 times with no signs of problems, breakage, or weakness. Don't they look nice? They're easy to put on and I think having something other than cold rubber on your ankles is probably something Riley appreciates -- at some level. 

Here is some "cool factor" I took a photo with a flash in the darkish aisleway -- you can see the reflective effect!

The barn where I board likes to double-bellboot the hroses. I was able to adjust these to cover the bottom of the hoof, but I prefer to cover further up his fetlock where he sometimes catches himself. 

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  1. out of curiosity, what's the benefit of double booting?


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