Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Horze reflective bell boots

At just $20 I am thrilled with these Horze reflective bell boots.  The orange is softer than the traditional "international orange" -- pretty! For people who aren't in love with orange, the other compelling feature of these boots are the quality of the material that is used. It's dense and protective, but so soft! My chestnut horse Riley gets swelling when he wears regular rubber bell boots, and I don't have to worry with these cushy and forgiving boots. I also turn him out in the reflective leg straps from Horze.com --only $10.95. Many people probably buy them for nighttime visibility, but I use them because Ri tends to catch his legs at the pastern -- it's good protection. 

A big thumbs up -- and in a few days I'll be holding a giveaway for Horze brush boots -- stay tuned!


  1. They are certainly reasonable; let us know how they hold up.

  2. i kinda love the hi-vis stuff, even tho i don't really need it..

  3. It's funny. I'm not much for the wild colors (especially orange) but I have pink bell boots for Zelda and they do look great.


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