Tuesday, July 21, 2015

19 years together: Harv and I Part II

So on July 7, 1997, Harv's purchase papers and Jockey Club papers were transferred to me.

He was now tucked into his new stall, and officially mine.

I was so excited! I left the barn at about 7pm and sailed down the gravel road and onto the small country road that took me back to Raleigh.  I know I was thinking about how this was a lifelong dream. I had given up a lot to make it happen, but I didn't care! That is where my mind was; it certainly was not on driving.

I came to an intersection for a highway, and I pulled out without even looking. A station wagon swerved to miss me, and every passenger in the car -- mom, dad, and two kids, swiveled their head toward me, each of their mouths forming an "o" of surprise. We missed each other, but if they hadn't been paying attention, it would have been a real lifechanger.

I knew this -- and it shook me up. I pulled the car over into the next parking lot I found. Sitting there in my car I had the conflicting emotions of fear and guilt and and relief and happiness. Thank heavens I missed that car. Thank heavens Harv came into my life.


  1. Congratulations on 19 years :)

  2. So he did race - I was wondering! What is his registered name? I can't see it if it's on the papers. Interesting that Grandfather was Angle Light, who raced against Secretariat!


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