Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What you can tell about a person from his/her books...

Bob, who inexplicably does not grasp the concept and benefits of a personal library, has been nagging me to clear out all of my books. I did consider that I might have books that were not life-affecting, and maybe I could get rid of those. So I scanned my shelves, and found...

A Room of One's Own, next to A Horse of Her Own. I loved both books at the time I read them, probably ten or fifteen years apart. This is why I want my book collection. It is very much what is my past, what I'm interested in, and what is me. 


  1. I probably own 1,000 books and every time I try to go through and weed them out... can't do it. They are so much a part of me and I do re-read the ones I love, sometimes a dozen times! Every time we've moved the movers have complained and asked what was in the many small, heavy boxes. I should just tell them "friends and memories." :) You keep yours, too!

  2. RiderWriter, I have a 20x20 office in my home with built-in shelves and they are CRAMMED with books I have kept all these years (as well as books I got from my mother's estate). My living room and family room also have full bookcases. People visit and ask me if I've read all of the books. I can truthfully say, "Most of them, yes. And many of them more than once." I cannot go to a used book store or book sale without walking out with at least a sack or two of "new found 'used' treasures." I don't "weed out." I make room for more :o)

  3. I'm sure I own 1,000 books as well and I agree--you'll have to pry them from my fingers one by one to get them away from me! Now I have a Nook as well as many books in iBooks and Kindle formats. Others have different types of things to remind them of who they are and who they have been and who they want to be--I have books to help me with that, and to provide me with so much more. Keep your books, Stacey!

  4. I don't get rid of mine either, love or hate them. I just like having a library.


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