Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From Rolex to Ruthless

Several years ago at Rolex, I  met a "blog friend" Becky for dinner. Her sister Carrie came with her, and my sister Leslie came with me :-). Four awesome women, Lexington fine dining, and one of the greatest horse events in the world -- how can you lose? The answer -- you don't. You have an awesome meal and great conversation.

 Becky is a really special person in every sense, but this post is about her sister -- Carolyn Lee Adams. She's one of those people you would drop everything to meet for lunch -- fun, funny, a good listener, great stories. It doesn't hurt that she is a horse lover, and that she has a blog, Fanfreakingtastic. Every year she writes an irreverent overview of the Kentucky Derby (read one of my favorites here). A creative type, Carrie attended the University of Southern California Film School and graduated with a BFA in screenwriting. Oh, and she's a standup comic.

I still remember that lunch, and what we talked about, and how much I enjoyed Becky and Carrie's company.

Carrie has now published a novel -- Ruthless.  I hesitated only a few weeks to buy it -- it's a young adult book, and I'm no the target audience. However, I'm always up for a serial killer crime/suspense novel, so I bought it last week.

Full review to come  soon, but here are a few things you NEED TO KNOW.
  • Horses figure prominently in the novel! And it's written by a real horse person -- there are no cringeworthy poser passages. You'll be nodding your head in recognition as you read. 
  • Young Adult? It may be a young adult novel, but like Warner Brothers cartoon, it's for adults too. The nice thing about a YA serial killer novel is, it won't get too gruesome. 
  • Hooked. I'm only 40-50 pages into the book -- and I'm hooked. This is not a formulaic story with the bland, virtuous, predictable protagonist. The book surprises me. And I love that. 

Stay tuned for the full review!

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