Monday, July 27, 2015

I hate everyone giveaway -- winner is...

So, I highlighted the Blue Q socks and now I own a few pairs -- time for a giveaway :-).  And the winner is...


Because entrants did not provide their email address to get in touch with them
and/or didn't respond to comments on their blog when I notified them.
Guys.. Try again!


  1. HI! I received notice that I had won via google + and I responded to you via google and didn't hear back from you. . .I never saw winners names posted on your blog . . :(

    Anyway, I'll enter again!

    And in the off chance that I win - my email address is janiceihg at gmail dot com. :)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :)

  2. I would love a pair! This is my mare's attitude to a T :)
    Kelly Wood

  3. I missed this giveaway the first time but if I'm now eligible I love those socks! You can notify me at :)

  4. Do we post here or on the old post? Or are you just waiting for someone to get in touch? I missed the original post, but here's my answer. I work with horses that work with unbalanced riders. Some days you can just tell that they hate everyone, including me. They still behave, but their attitude is just spiteful, usually taken out on me. TerraBella01 AT gmail DOT com

  5. I'm all for second chances! I need these in my life - they were made for my mare and me.

  6. I'll take those socks!
    Ellen, Oakland, CA

  7. Oh I wanted these! These socks remind me of my lesson horses- I teach mostly beginners and my wonderful herd tolerates the kids so well.

    email is

  8. I'd like to enter for the socks. The question is how? Anyway,

    Georgia Langsam

  9. These socks speak to me because ... This is exactly how I feel after a long day attempting to earn my PhD (take that, academia!). I can always count on my horse and barn pals to share the sentiment ;)


  10. These socks are more or less perfect for me and Ryon - he gives me that look on the daily!


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