Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Irideon Zanzibar Breeches: Love! Part I

In a recent Dressage Today ad, I saw a pair of breeches to die for -- steel gray with pink piping, enough to indulge my penchant for pink without looking like Barbie or Baby Hughie. They're from Irideon and they breech style is called Zanzibar (see VTO Saddlery's listing, I recommend VTO!).  Like so many impluses, it passed and I forgot about them until...

The Horseman's Outlet Sale
In Clinton, NJ, there is a huge store called Horseman's Outlet (HO) and they have a big sale every year in August. I went on the opening night and it was literally too crowded to shop, bought some horse treats (the only item excluded from their 20% off sale) and chatted with a friend for over an hour.

On the last day of the sale, I met a friend to go running in NJ. She kicked my butt and I ran further and faster than ever -- six miles, 10:45min/mile average. To celebrate, we stopped by HO again, thinking it would not be as crowded on a Sunday at 11am.

It was crowded, but I could shop -- and I found the Zanzibar breeches! At 20% off, I had to try them on. They fit, they're comfortable, and I love the look. I want to share this wonderful find -- not a sponsored review! I took tons of photos in part because mid-day lighting makes it hard to get shadow-less shots. Here is the photo gallery of me in the Zanzibar breeches, some taken before I rode in 90 degree weather, some taken after.

More details of my experience with these breeches in Part II.


  1. These remind me of the SmartPak Piper breeches. I have a pair and love them! If these ever go on a good sale, I would love a pair of these.


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