Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Irideon Zanzibar breeches: Love! Part II

What I like about these breeches, which come in both fullseat and kneepatch:

  • The color, basically several options of gray/pink, grey/tealish, and black/cobalt blue.
  • Piping! Love piping.
  • Neither low-rise or high-waisted, hitting that sweet spot.
  • Flattering fit, perhaps cut for the short-waisted, buttless wonders such as myself!
  • Balance of "give" in the fabric while offering some structure (not a leotard/yogapant). They also don't stretch into bagginess after a ride.
  • Mesh fabric from the knee down for comfort and boot fit.
  •  True-to-size, not too tight or loose.
  • Double snap/hook closure at the waist, for a flat, wide waistband.
What I don't like:
  • Too short for my 36" inseam -- wish they made them in longs!
  •  Pockets are shallow, not a big drawback but for not really deep enough for say, a standard cellphone.
 Note that there appear to be two kinds of Zanzibar breeches -- one has piping on the perimeter of the full seat patch... See the two types on Toklat's web site...

 See the gallery of photos, before and after my ride, at

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