Sunday, October 25, 2015

Equifit Gel Socks: They LAST

I don't know if I have ever posted about the Equifit Gel Socks (got mine from  I just ordered my third pair as I have misplaced my originals, and like to keep a backup -- that is how much I rely on them.

My old Petrie boots never really "broke in" - maybe they were too small in the foot -- but they tear up my ankles every ride. It pained me to spend $28 (at the time) for these gelsocks, but they are a Godsend and by the way, they are now slightly reduced in price at $26.

Bakersfield Dressage reviewed these too but the reviewer lamented they may not last.

I've had two pair for about a year -- One pair sat in a drawer for months, but I pulled out this pair when I lost the old ones recently. The old ones, which I'm sure will turn up, were working fine after many months. They were a bit pocked up, due to extreme pressure points, but the gel seems to just remold and I can use them just fine. They have eradicated the blisters from riding, which is wonderful.

If I have gripes, they are a few minor ones.

  • They are worn under socks, and when I put my sock on I have to be careful that the gel sits smoothly and doesn't wrinke. Ditto with putting boots on. This is not hard to do. 
  • It is one more pre-ride prep, and while it does not take long, really, it is another thing to do.
  • I like to take them off right after I ride. My feet don't feel hot but you do sweat in them (my whole leg sweats whether I wear them or not!).  They'll need to be rinsed.
Overall, big thumbs up. They do what they say they do, and they are lasting well.

Image from Bakersfield Dressage -- they a review too.

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  1. Shocking, but I have found they DO last. I wear mine 7 days a week, and they're still going strong. I need to do a follow up blog post. I also freaked out over the price, but after using them daily for nearly a year, I think they are totally worth the money. :0)


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