Monday, October 26, 2015

John Denver -- a horse girl's crush

When I was a teen in the seventies, part of the MO for horse girls was having a crush on John Denver. We didn't say "awesome" then. We said "farm out!" which was a play on John's "far out!" signature exclamation.

 On the anniversary of his death a week or so ago, I went to Youtube to listen to one of my favorite JD songs, Rhymes and Reasons. Back in the seventies, we listened and really believed in the lyrics. We aren't nearly so innocent now, even young kids are so much more cynical. Watch the video, and try to place this music in the 21st century. It's incredible. I mean, the lyrics would seem incredible to young adults and teens now...

Lasting influence
I still wear a variation of John Denver (and John Lennon, I suppose) round wire glasses, and have since I stopped wearing contact lenses in 1982. He is at the root of my love for folk music and the whole idea of a guy with a guitar. I loved his sense of humor and his laugh. One of my favorite albums growing up was his live album, An Evening with John Denver.  I remember being thrilled when one of my Intro to Biology profs, at Purdue Al Chiscon, used John Denver lyrics in talking about genetics, and the connectedness in all of nature:

And oh I love the life within me
I feel part of everything I see
And oh I love the life around me
A part of everything is here in me

John I wish you'd stayed with us longer. We need your message.

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  1. I am 28 and still disappointed that my parents went to the Wildlife concert on a date night and I couldn't go. And I cried when he died.

    Between he and Peter, Paul and Mary, I'm nearly complete in my musical preferences.


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