Monday, November 30, 2015

Iceman 2015 NRBC: Topline Ho!

What awesome conformation and what a topline! 
This footage makes me cry...


  1. I think he looks like a horse who's been "trained" severely to keep his head low. I've seen too many cutting and reining trainers, some of them are the elite of those sports; most are downright abusive. Seeing this makes me want to cry, too, but probably for different reasons....

  2. Funny, to me it looks like a horse designed to do the job at hand -- looks pretty happy to me. Like a border collie with sheep...

  3. I agree with Michelle, and I also think he's had his tail injected.

  4. Always wonder about the methods used for training reining horses. So, I'm in the middle here. The horse doesn't look unhappy, but he also doesn't look really happy.

    Personally, what I do love seeing are the cutting horses when they focus in on cutting a calf from the herd. Now the border collie analogy fits to perfection. My first TB thought cutting the poor calf in the pasture and the little donkey that was his buddy was really fun. Never tried him for real, but I have a feeling he would have done well in penning.

  5. Andrea Fappani is to reining what Edward Gal is to dressage. Elegant and unbelievably talented rider, who draws out every ounce of talent in his mounts. While some might not like his style (like Gal), he also had his pick of the best of the best horseflesh available...Stacy is right, Iceman had that natural talent and it shows. Tail may have been injected, but he had won an AQHA World Championship (which requires tail tests) so even if he did, the tail is still functioning normally.


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