Saturday, January 16, 2016

Here's one for Shark Tank: Boot extenders

In the interest of consumer choice, I'm sharing my awesome product idea/innovation in the hopes that someone will a) know of such a product in existence or b) be inspired to make it happen.

The business case for Boot Toppers
I see two basic unmet needs in the equestrian world, pertaining to boots:
  • Tall women and presumably men can seldom get off the shelf boots to fit properly -- always too short in the leg.
  • Many riders would like to take advantage of the fashion options in dressage -- who hasn't drooled over the fancy boots with crocodile spanish tops or contrasting color tops?
What if someone developed a detachable leather boot topper that can meet both needs? I'm picturing a thin piece of leather in fashion colors and options (bling, initials, color, pattern, etc) that can be either set into the boot top or wrapped around it?

It might be tough to design one to fit all boots but why has Ariat not thought of this?

I would be happy to test drive a prototype. Just sayin'.


  1. That's an excellent idea! And, like blingy brow bands, they could be changed for different looks!

  2. You used To be able to purchase black patent leather boot tops for fox hunters, for use on formal occasions. They would fit over the top of dress boots.

  3. Style My Ride has something similar, but I think they are only for 1 style of Deniro boots...!smrs-vincero-boots/c1eb5


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