Sunday, January 17, 2016

Harv photo

I had this photo matted and framed and it's now in our living room. Harv's old leather halter, cleaned and reconditioned,  has been on a chair in our kitchen for a month. Last week I broached the subject of hanging in the living room with Bob. I was so thrilled he is not only on board with the idea, but enthusiastic! We're going to hang a hook in one corner near the door and close to this photo. 


  1. What a wonderful photo. I think hanging the halter with it is a wonderful idea.

  2. What a lovely tribute! (and a dashing photo of Harv :)

  3. Just perfect. :) What about putting the halter in a shadowbox with a photo of you competing and one of his ribbons? Check Pinterest/Google for inspiration as I've seen this done with beautiful results.


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