Monday, January 18, 2016

Fly bonnets fit for a Diva

Riley does not need a fly bonnet, but these bonnets make me wish he did! From Imperial Fly Bonnets on

They come in every color you'd desire and have been featured in Dressage Today.  The price varies with the options you pick (monograms available), but generally about $65 to $170.

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  1. I've scribed a lot and many judges remark that the bling creates the illusion of a horse unsteady in the bridle. One judge thought a browband on a horse "entering at A" was actually blinking. If you have issues with steadiness, aim for more subtle bling on the tack. Same with the dressage coats with bling down the seams in back or around the collar or sleeves. Or irons or spurs with sparkles.


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