Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Regal markings -- horse with a crown

This young Dutch Warmblood has an  unusual blaze -- the owner calls it a crown-shape. Check it out! And the video is neat too -- it may not be classic "dressagey" but I love the energy and exhuberance.

The horse's name is Royal. Here is what the owners say:

Royal is one of our young dressage horses for sale. He was born in 2012 and is by Imported Dutch Harness Horse Stallion Alex. Royal has three quality gaits that should make him a competitive dressage horse. You will definitely be noticed with his four socks and blaze that looks like a crown. Young dressage horses with his quality of gaits are hard to find in the US. You can find more dressage horses for sale on our website at http://www.fivephasesfarm.com 

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  1. Holy trot on that guy! I don't know if I would actually enjoy riding that or not.


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