Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's not just me...

So you may recall that when Harv passed away, I blogged about how I felt like he was still here.  Yesterday, I ran across this post on the Chronicle of the Horse forums. A number of people responded that they had similar feelings. I'm sharing the original post, you can read the rest on the Chronicle...

    Have We Lost Our Minds...Or Did You Have a Similar Experience After Losing a Horse?
Our beloved E---- passed a week ago today after a severe colic. I know so many of you have also lost special, beloved horses and I'm wondering if anyone else has had some of these same experiences ... or if my husband and I have finally gone over the edge.

When my other horse K---- passed, I felt truly alone ... I felt his loss as an emptiness, as if he were truly gone. 

But it's different now.

Not only do I not feel like E--- is gone, I feel like they are both here. Please tell me I am not crazy ... I just "feel" them both here. There is a peace, calmness and comfort that I cannot describe.

My husband says he sees them in the evening when he goes out to feed the others. He says it's like a fleeting image out the corner of his eye, enough that it makes him turn to look. And of course, they are not there, but he feels like he saw them.

I understand this could just be our minds playing tricks, but neither of us is "like that." We are very pragmatic business people, not ones who frequent the fortune teller or howl at the moon, you know?


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