Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tori Gelding? Pretty boy, but what's a Tori?

I think a Tori horse is an Estonian Warmblood. 


  1. Greetings from Estonia! :)

    Although the breed itself is a warmblood, Tori is not an Estonian Warmblood (we also have horse breed called Estonian Sport Horse). Omadeus/Mozart is a good example of a modern Tori horse (real Tori horse is a heavy type warmblood).

    Unfortunately Tori horse is a sad story of bad decisions...

    In 1996 new breeding plan for tori breed in sport horse course was approved. This meant that people started to cross old-type Tori horses with warmblood (mainly Hanoverian, Holstein and Trakehner) horses. As a result the number of purebred Tori horses declined significantly. Today the actual number of purebred (!) horses is around 70.

    This breed will soon be a chapter in our history.

  2. Clever video. Horse reminds me of my mustang gelding.

  3. The "Sporthorse" Tori in the Wikipedia link reminds me of some Statesman Morgans I know <3


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