Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Noble Outfitters Guardsman Fly Mask Giveaway!

I've always really liked a particular fly mask, and both Riley and Harvey wore the Rambo fly mask. Years ago Harv scratched his eye on a too-small mask, and I liked that it had a stiff plastic piece that makes the area around the eyes stand away from the horse's face. It's lasted pretty well but last year, I noticed the stiff plastic had broken free of the fabric and poked out  -- dangerous. So, in the garbage it went.

This year Noble Outfitters kindly sent me one of their new flymasks to try -- the Guardsman®-- as well as one to give away! It comes with a detachable nose cover, and with and without ear cover, in gold or black. 

See Riley modeling this size Large mask. I do really like this fly mask. And here is why:
  • It feels really sturdy, but not too stiff. There is a brow seam "flex spine technology" that creates a canopy to keep the fabric away from the horse's eyes.
  • The mesh is UV-coated. I know some horses need this. 
  • The fit is really nice -- no gaps anywhere -- it looks like it's custom made, and it makes it less likely that flies can enter the mask.
  • the ears are not too short! Riley has long ears and they fit comfortably.
  • I love the "ID card" on the velcro strap!
  • The nose cover is detachable.
  • A loop at the top of the mask makes it easy to hang.
  • A very detailed size chart to select the right size mask (range, small to XXL). Riley is a Large, or warmblood.
  • At $24.95, this is reasonably priced! The Rambo flymasks were a third again as much.
I was really pleasantly surprised by the fit and quality, as well as the "little touches" that make it safe and versatile. 

I have a LARGE gold flymask for giveaway -- it fits Ri great, so I'm thinking it will fit a warmblood best.  To enter just leave a comment with something about your horse and contact info. Thanks!

Oh, and if you want to buy it, they're available almost everywhere: Noble Outfitter's web site,
Valley Vet Supply, Dover, SmartpakEquine.com, and more I'm sure!


  1. My WB-sized TB needs a new fly mask! His current one is leaving some nasty rubs under his cheeks...

  2. That looks like it would be a great flymask- the ID card feature is super nice. I would love one for my BWP retired eventer turned dressage partner, Harley!


  3. My mare would love one of these. I have a large headed Appaloosa with the little pink flecked eyes that need constant sun protection. And the fact that the ears will likely fit her radar mare ears is a bonus! Love.Appys@yahoo.com

  4. Riley looks really good in the gold! A large might fit Alex, as he has a big head, or possibly Cora, but I'm not sure. I'd be curious to try it, I'm always looking for a better fly mask. My favorite so far has been the Cashel long nose no ears for Glory, my medicine hat mare with the nose that sunburns easily. I need to replace it someday. My email is duchesshill at tds dot net

  5. My big guy would love the UV protection on this mask! He's got a large white blaze :)


  6. Hi Stacey - Just sent you an email about these masks. :) Look forward to hearing from you...


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