Thursday, June 2, 2016

Whips whips whips: Horze whips are my fave

When it comes to dressage whips I am like the princess and the pea. I can't tell you what makes a good-feeling whip, but I know when I have one in my hand.

I've purchased pricey whips, like Fleck whips (and like them), but for me the Holy Grail was whips has been the $12 Horze Ashton gel-handle whip which I have previously reviewed.  It's light, the right flexibility, easy and comfortable to hold, and hoo-ray, it is modestly priced!

So I laughed when my trainer "discovered" the whip, casually picking it from the many in the whip-holder that is on the wall, ringside. As she trotted by she called out "I LOVE THIS WHIP!"

I snapped this shot at the end of the ride.

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  1. The one problem with those gel-handled whips is (as we have found here in TX), the handles will turn to goo in the heat. x_x Three were returned in one day at my store, and I know there have been several others as well. I think they're better for cooler summers.


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