Sunday, July 24, 2016

Riding as exercise

I rode Riley on Sunday, in 91 (99 "realfeel") temps. Had a good ride but I really have to bring it to get good work, and we DID work. My Fitbit tends to underestimate my heart rate. I ran a 5k the day before, and pretty much went at the top of my ability (struggling mightily at the end) -- my peak heart rate was 181 bpm. 

Riding Riley Sunday, July 17

Laughing at My Nightmare 5K on June 25 (Fitbit messed up my July 16 5K beats)
Run ended at 26'47"


  1. Earlier this year, I was running nightly and bought a heart rate monitor to track my progress. I started wearing it to ride and found that I would burn about 480 calories in an hour of schooling fourth level work. My heart rate would get the highest (high 160s I think) in my sitting trot work where I was really trying to keep the correct, quiet position. My husband was shocked that I could get such a work out while riding. To stay fit, I still need running or some other fitness activity in my life unfortunately.

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