Monday, August 1, 2016

Riley captured in oil!

RiRi sporting his fly mask.
Some of you may recall this blog post -- a review of the very nice Noble Outfitters Guardsman flymask.

Well, it caught the attention of the Redondo California artist Aimee Hoover, who was/is working on a series of oil paintings depicting horses wearing fly masks (see her series here).  She wanted to use the photo from my blog post pictured right as a model.

I was thrilled! And I love the end result, a 50x54" oil painting of my boy -- see below!

I really like her description of the series -- an attempt to capture the spirit of the subject without relying on the eyes.
The Ri Ri!

 I told Aimee that I feel equestrians love to see our horses in fly masks.  I know I do, it makes me crack up, my boys look like masked marauders when they're wearing them. She expressed surprise, but I do feel it's true. 


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